The link above will take you to Carpetright's "Big Sale - 50% Off Vinyl", however don't be misled. Below is Carpetright's ridiculous Vinyl starting price. Below this price is our price. No gimmicks, just straight forward pricing. (These prices are correct at 06/12/2011)

Carpetright Traditions Novecento Vinyl - £27.99m²
Our Vinyl: Rio Bravo Novecento - £11.99m²

Carpetright Floorgrip 501 Artesia Vinyl - £27.99m²
Our Vinyl: Zara 501 Artesia - £11.99m²

Carpetright Bounce 599 Toucan Vinyl - £35.99m²
Our Vinyl: Softstep 599 Toucan - £17.99m²

Carpetright Pheonix Stony Black/Silver Vinyl - £39.99m²
Our Vinyl: Mighty Grip Stony Black/Silver - £18.99m²

Carpetright Goliath Granite Carbon - £45.99m²
Our Vinyl: Tarkett Goliath Granite Carbon - £21.99m²

At Kristoffersen Carpets & Flooring we do not artificially increase our Prices and then show massive savings. We take great pride in the fact we sell all our products at the lowest possible prices and we only do 1 genuine sale and that is still the normal January Sale.


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