A bit about us

Kristoffersen Carpets and Flooring has been around for 20 years now. But it seems like yesterday when a much younger me was working hard to get our first branch up and running on the High Street in Portobello. We were helped with an overdraft from the local bank and although their business has been up and down a bit since then, we're still using their services!

In fact not much has changed over the years. The basic idea behind Kristoffersen Carpets was that we wanted to make changing your flooring to be as easy and as pleasant as possible. At that time it was a breakthrough to move furniture and uplift and dispose of old flooring. We liked to think of ourselves as pioneers of putting the customer first.

New branches followed and so did our mobile service. We realised that it wasn't easy for everyone to get down to their local store so we designed a custom vehicle that could take samples out to you. Still really useful if you're short of time or the effort is just too much. Another benefit of our AtHome service is you can see the samples in your own lighting and match with your decor and furniture. And of course taking samples home from your local branch is also something we positively encourage to help you make the right choice.

Our current logo also tries to tell our story. We know you don't necessarily want to be best mates with your flooring guy but our aim is to be "your friend in the business" - an insider who's advice you can trust. Someone who can get the best deal for your hard earned cash.

Some people think our commitment to professionalism, quality and excellence combined with our local stores mean that we will be expensive. Not true. We do love quality products and services which meet, or exceed, our customers expectations. But that quality might be a hard-wearing and basic £6m² carpet for a kids bedroom. Or it might be something really special for your pukka living room. Either way shopping with us will be a nice experience where you end up with products you want at a price which suits your budget.

Being a local family business means we value our reputation and doing business with integrity means a lot to us. Unfortunately it also means you'll seldom see 60 or 70% off deals because (except for the odd special purchase) it's not possible without plucking ridiculous starting prices out of the air!! We prefer to focus on providing our customers with great value, rather than "falsified" low ticket prices.  And the truth our customers have discovered  is it costs less with Kristoffersen!


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